Interior Virtual Tours dramatically present perfectly staged unbuilt homes. Animation Videos showcase curated virtual home tours – highlighting key features and designs. While Panotours let Buyers freely explore your homes in 360 degrees – without time limits.  Virtual Tours not only provide an engaging 24/7 online experience, but they are much faster and less expensive than building and maintaining spec or model homes. Plus, you can market and sell your homes before they are even built!

Product Comparison



Go from room-to-room and explore at your own pace.

  • Includes 1 free Rendering per room
  • See all 4 sides of a room
  • Compatible with 3D floorplan
  • Includes floor plan
  • Embed links, videos, etc
  • VR headset compatible



Experience cinematic photoreal walk-throughs.

  • Includes 1 free Rendering per room
  • See 2+ sides of a room
  • Compatible with 3D Floorplan
  • Show floorplan - coming soon
  • Embed links, videos, etc.
  • VR headset compatible


Similar to Matterport, buyers can go from room to room and look around at their leisure on a desktop, mobile, or even with headset. Interior Panotours can also embed text, videos, and links so you can share more feature information about your product with your buyers.  Feel free to play around with the two versions below. 

Panotour Features

Everything You Need For Your Tour Experience

  • Desktop, tablet, mobile
  • Navigation with arrows
  • 1-2 hotspots per room
  • Floor Plan for navigation
  • Auto Tour, Auto Rotate
  • Free hosting for 1 year

Panotour Upgrades

Customize Your Tour Experience

  • "Click Anyway": navigate freely with a clean design: $125/room
  • Additional hotspots: $25/hotspot
  • White Labeling: $50
  • Add your logo: $50
  • Mobile VR: $50
  • Multi unit tour: $50


For marketing, videos perform better than images as it forces users to stop scrolling and pay attention for an extra second. This means video ads are better than image ads in terms of Engagement, Conversion, and Click-through Rate (CTR.)

Los Cabos
Los Cabos
Clark Wilson
Clark Wilson
Nathan Square
Nathan Square
Cool Palette
Cool Palette
Boca Raton
Boca Raton


  • Pricing is determined by: 1) Number of Rooms, and 2) Product: Rendering, Video, and/or Panotour
  • Rendering is FREE with Video or Panotour 
  • Ask about additional discounts: Volume, Same Furniture, or Same Finishes, which can save up to 40%!

1) Select Your Rooms

A La Carte

Priced per Room
$ 300 starting at
  • Bedroom: $300, Dining Room: $400, Living Room: $400, Bathroom: $400, Kitchen: $800​

Value Package

Save up to 15%
$ 2000 starting at
  • Includes: Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Master Bedroom, and Master Bath

Whole House

Save up to 30%
Contact Us we will review your house plan
  • Includes every room of your house, townhouse, or condo

2) Select the Product


Included in base price
$ 0 additional cost
  • Ready for social media and MLS


Add on to Rendering
$ 50 per room
  • Just sit back, relax, and watch


Add on to Rendering
$ 100 per room
  • Like Matterport, explore freely at your pace

The "Everything" Package

Add on to Rendering
$ 150 per room
  • Everything included: Renderings, Videos, and Panotours
  • For example, priced separately for a kitchen, rendering: $800, video: $850, Panotour $900 (Total $2550). The Value Package is ony $950!

Everything Value Package

Great for single family homes, town homes, and condos
$ 2750
  • Everything included: Renderings, Videos, and Panotours
  • Includes: Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Master Bedroom, and Master Bath
Best Seller


With Video, you sit back and enjoy the show. Our videos guide the viewer through the project with a cinematic element to communicate mood and style. Our views highlight the architecture and showcase the lifestyle of the project. Videos are an excellent product for marketing on your website and social media.

With Panotour, the user can look around and explore the project at their own pace. The user navigates to each hotspot and then chooses another hotspot when ready. Videos and links can be embedded to explain more about your product or to showcase a spectacular night view. The Panotour is also upgradeable to our Mobile VR. Panotours can be embedded on your website or used in a sales center. With screen sharing, you can remotely walk through each room of the house and give a guided tour to your homebuyer. 

Both products are compatible with the outside of the house.

Although we will follow your specific finishes, we typically select all furnishing and decor. You will get one round of revisions without any extra cost to change furniture and decor through the use of our furniture catalog. However, if you have a specific furniture piece in mind that requires custom modeling, then we can give you a quote on that.

Yes, the more information you give us, the more accurate we can be for you. You may already have much of this info on a spreadsheet or a design board. We will work with whatever information you have and follow up as needed. Appliances, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, and cabinet knobs/pulls will be approximated based on the information you send. If a more specific representation is required, let us know and we can give you a quote.

If your finishes are identical across all your units, or if we can use the same furniture and decor across these units, then that can save time for us and money for you. We will work with you to find a solution that best fits your needs, whether it’s one or a combination of the two items above.

The more info we have, the more accurate we can be for you. Typically we request: 

  • Floor plans
  • Finishes info
  • Cabinet layout design
  • Electrical plan
  • Pendant and ceiling lights.

We may also ask for additional information about the interior design, including the interior door type, doorknob style, cabinet door design, cabinet knobs and pulls, baseboard, and crown molding, etc.

We have designed our products for marketing; however, they are also great for internal review, visualization for a homeowner, or a designer who is looking to understand space, lighting, etc. Through simplifying the process, we can reduce the price of the project. We can simplify the level of decor, details, and finishes to fit your needs best.

Interactive Interior Designer

Interested in Custom Designing your Rooms?

Using our Interactive Design Apps, Buyers can design the finishes, flooring, fixtures and even flooring of their kitchens, bathrooms and any other room online or in your Sales and Design Centers.