To the Cloud and Beyond!

New Homes Marketing Trend (Part 3 0f 8)

Historically, Homebuyers picked up brochures. Then as information went online, they downloaded generic pdf brochures to their dedicated website-browsing desktop hard drive. But with the proliferation of mobile devices, consumers routinely switch between their multitude of desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. They don’t want to print or download. They want to save everything to the Cloud for anytime, anywhere, any device access.

With apps (like Facebook, Netflix, etc), Buyers can do just that. Homebuyers can save their homes to their private cloud accounts and basically, pick-up right where they left-off from any of their devices. Their product selections are automatically updated with current data (prices, options, etc.). Everything is immediately and literally at their fingertips.

Part 4

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Technical Advantage

The Major App-Vantage (Part 4 of 4)   QUICK INSTALL We handle the app creation and the rendering content loading. Since we do everything in-house, the renderings are live as

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