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New Home Marketing Trends (Part 8 or 8)

New homes are traditionally sold through “push” marketing where Sellers pushed their products to Buyers via model homes, sample renderings, and persuasive presentations. Shoppers needed a lot of time, interaction, and imagination. Both Buyers and Sellers were dependent on the Salespersons’ skills, knowledge, and availability.

But with new technology and changing consumer behavior, Buyers are becoming the sender of SPECIFIC product requests instead of being the recipient of GENERIC product representations.

The tables have turned. Instead of Sellers asking Buyers to “Buy This” based on a sample rendering, Buyers are telling Builders to “Build This” accordingly to specific specifications. Ultimately, this gives more control to the Buyers while reducing their risk, providing more shopping engagement, and reducing frustration. As Buyers adopt this technology, Builders that don’t provide this real-time DIY capability may be at a distinct marketing disadvantage.

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