Virtual Tours - Exterior Animations

Homes that Virtually Sell Themselves!

We all love watching videos. So why read long descriptions or flip through slideshows when you can sit back and watch a video that visually tells the whole story of the new neighborhood?  Exterior Animations can introduce your new homes and communities in an exciting and engaging way. They also are a great way to generate interest and pre-sales and effectively launch viral social media campaigns.

Animations enable home buyers to virtually tour a community and give them a good idea of the landscaping, yard sizes, and amenities. They also capture the neighborhood character and help put buyers in their future homes. Add moving entourage like cars and people to appeal to specific demographics and target markets. Finally, add special effects, music, captions, or narration to further enhance the video experience!

Typically, Exterior Animations are created as Fly-Overs or Neighborhood Drive-bys. With new drone and augmented reality technologies, we can overlay a drone video of your undeveloped property with a computer model of your community, and virtuallly bring the community to life! What a great way to pre-sale the community before you competitors even turn dirt!

Use 360 Virtual Tours and Elevation, Site Plan, Aerial, Amenity, Entrance, and Streetscape renderings to supplement your Exterior Animations. All of these elements together will visually tell an attractive story of your upcoming community.

Standard Animation

Premium Animation

To meet the different needs of our clients, we have created two level of animations: Standard and Premium.  The project above shows the same neighborhood animation in the two different styles.

The overall difference is quicker turnaround time and lower pricing with the Standard Animation.

In both cases, much of the price is dependent on the length of the animation, the number of homes in the neighborhood, and any amenities.

Premium Animations

Standard Animations