Case Study: Interior Rendering

1. Setting the preliminary view

Client initially wanted a view from the entry (green view), seeing the living room, dining room, and kitchen. We reviewed the floor plan and recommended the red view which the client later agreed to. The red view is more focus and tells a stronger story. We often find that it is better to see fewer rooms (or less space) well than to see many rooms (more space) poorly. The fireplace would provide a stronger visual to the wrong too.

2. Locking in the view

We modeled the room and sent 3 views with the camera at various distances from fireplace. By this time, we have collected information on colors and finishes, along with the fireplace design, including ceiling height, crown molding and base board design, wood vs tile vs carpet flooring, etc.

3. Update with room colors

After the client selected the middle view, we then added details based on the floor plan. In the past, the client had trim stained. For this new neighborhood, the client has changed it to white as this was a new neighborhood.

4. Update with furniture

We offer three options with a progression of higher cost and longer turnaround time:

1. Furniture sets: a collection of furniture

2. A catalog of furniture: individual pieces of furniture

3. Creation of unique pieces: Client sends photos or manufacturer info and we create unique 3D furniture models.

For this project, our client chose option 2. Then we added furniture as per floor plan and decor. Below are three progress shots, over the course of several days, each with client feedback.

5. Revision to fireplace

As part of the new neighborhood, the client had introduced a new fireplace model.

6. Another update

Aside from the updated fireplace, the client asked to have the trey ceiling to not be accented with color. The lamp above the dining table was swapped out with another. The barstools in the foreground and curtains were added. Furniture colors were also changed.

7. Final mark ups

Despite following furniture layout from the initial floor plan, the client opted to remove the white sofa to open up that room.  There were discussion about adding a TV above the fireplace but the team felt it would have been too dominant.  Lastly, some final decor adjustments.

8. Final Proof

Before we do our final touches, we have to make sure everything is perfect.

9. Final Rendering

After the last view was approved, we then added final enhancements to the image.