Real-time Online Interactive Color Design

Our proprietary real-time rendering engine instantly renders your unique design in your company-branded fully responsive web app.

for the Same Price as Still Renderings!

You get your own company-branded Color Designer App where you can design and download unlimited different color renderings for the price of one!

Design by Color Schemes, Palettes or Hybrid Methods!

Select from professionally-designed color schemes or customize each material from a color palette. Or take a “Hybrid” approach by starting with a color scheme and then changing specific material colors.

Vast Color Libraries

Choose from online color libraries of most major paint vendors like Sherwin Williams, James Hardie and Certainteed. Search by color swatches, names, or codes. You can even offer different brick, stone or roofing options. The app then itemizes the color selections of your custom rendering!

Price by Colors!

Maximize your sales and charge more for the most popular, limited, or expensive color schemes by using the included color pricing feature.

Save, Compare and Share!

Finished designing? Then save up to three designs and retrieve, edit, and compare them later. Or download and print them. Or better yet, share them on Facebook and Pinterest for collaborative input!

We have just Your Style!

House Only


Less is More!

Especially if you want more savings! You can keep it simple and just highlight your home!
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Photoreal - Day


Clear as Day!

This is by far our most popular style. The colors are truest and it puts your house in the best light.
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Faux Watercolor


The Real Faux!

This is a hybrid between a photorealistic house, to retain truer colors, while adding the artistry of watercolor landscaping.
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Photoreal - Dusk


Make Your House Glow!

This style conveys a more romantic and intimate home setting. The warm mood is set with a sunset scene, lit-up interiors and exterior lighting.
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Making the Old New Again!

This applies a modern interactive design twist to a traditional watercolor style. A fun way to re-discover a lost art!
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... with many Colorful Approaches!

Design by Color Schemes

Designing by Color Schemes enables buyers to select from professionally-designed whole house color schemes. The schemes can be specially assigned to each house or community. Color schemes can be uniquely named and also show pricing, if desired.

Design by Color Palettes

Designing by Color Palettes enables buyers to fully-customize their house. They can choose from your defined palette of colors for each material. It’s the ultimate color visualization tool.

Design by Schemes and Palettes

This Color Hybrid option combines both Color Schemes and Palettes. Buyers select from a list of color schemes for a house. Then then they can change the colors of a few materials by choosing from a pop-up palette of available colors for each material for that special personal touch!

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