Color Designer


Schemes, Palettes, or Hybrid

Not a designer? Then you can select from professionally-designed color schemes. Are you a DIY'er? Then customize each material from a palette of colors. Or take a "Hybrid" approach and change specific material colors after you've chosen a color scheme.

Colorful Libraries

Choose from the extensive color library of paint and construction manufacturers, including Sherwin Williams, Behr, James Hardie, and Certainteed. Search by color swatches, names, or codes. This tool then itemizes the color selections of your custom rendering!

Real-time Rendering + Responsive Design

Our proprietary real-time rendering engine instantly renders your unique design in your company-branded fully responsive web app.


Why settle for just one rendering of your house when you can instantly create and download hundreds of color designs online - for about the same price?

Unlimited Renderings!

Instead of paying and waiting for different color renderings, you can interactively create and download thousands of color renderings of your home online for no additional charge.

Save, Compare, Share!

Finished designing? Then save it to your cloud account and retrieve, edit, and compare them later. Or download and print them. Or better yet, share them on Facebook and Pinterest!

Price by Colors!

Maximize your sales and charge more for the most popular, limited, or expensive color schemes by using the color pricing feature.

Design by Color Schemes
Designing by Color Schemes enables buyers to select from professionally-designed whole house color schemes. The schemes are specially-designed for each house and the community, and cannot be altered. Color schemes can also show pricing, if desired.
Design by Color Palettes
Designing by Color Palettes enables buyers to fully-customize their house. They can choose from a pre-defined palette of colors for each material. It's the ultimate color visualization tool!
Design by Color Schemes & Palettes
This hybrid option combines the best of both. Buyers can quickly select from a list of professionally-designed color schemes for a specific home. But then they can change the colors of a few materials by choosing from a pop-up palette of available colors for each material for that special personal touch!
"My Home" Personalized Brochure
No more generic renderings, you'll get a personalized brochure that shows a rendering of your unique home color design! Your color selections will be itemized; complete with color swatches and the names of the colors and the respective materials.
Save Your Favorites
After you've created your custom home colors, you can easily save up to three designs to your Favorites online. You can compare both move-in ready and your custom-designed homes across different communities to find your perfect home! Simply login to your private account to compare, retrieve, and edit your homes.
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