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Marketing new homes starts with great content. From exteriors to interiors to aerials to cutaways - in a variety of artistic styles - we've done it all.  As you explore our portfolio, use the filters to help narrow your search.

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We're Just Your Style!

We have four popular styles for you to choose from!

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2D or 3D

A Matter of Perspective

It is important to understand the difference between 2D vs 3D renderings as it affects price and turnaround time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between 2D vs. 3D?

2D is the orthogonal or "flat" view of a floor plan or elevation. It is useful when you want to communicate in a graphical manner. For example, a floor plan or a site plan shows all the space equally, where a perspective will show the nearest object larger and thus give more emphasis than the objects farther away. 3D is the perspective view, which is more natural and akin to how we see the world. In the old days, traditional artist would take blue print of a house drawing and extrapolate a perspective view. The quality and speed of the perspective drawing is dependent on the skill of the artist. When a client wants a different view, it can be time-consuming to create a new drawing. Nowadays, we build 3D computer models to ensure the perspective is accurate and offer various choices for clients to select from.  Compare 2D vs 3D

What Styles Do You Offer?

Our two most popular styles are: 1) Photoreal and 2) Watercolor. In addition, each of those two styles have two different quality level: Standard and Premium. Despite doing much of our work with computers, there is still a large element that is required to be done by hand.  On occasion, at special request, we will create renderings that have a more traditional pen and ink look.  See the different styles here.

What is the Process?

Since every project is unique, we typically have to review your plans or designs and then offer a firm quote with offer ideas and suggestions. Depending on the type of rendering (2D vs 3D, photoreal vs watercolor, exterior vs interior, etc.) we will give updates before finalizing. For example, for a 3D project, we will send various views that will showcase your project the best to you to select. We can also incorporate specific colors from manufacturers like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Certainteed, James Hardies, etc.

What are Interactive Tools and Animations?

Renderings are great for emailing, brochures, MLS listing, and even websites. To give the static renderings more life, we can take 3D models and incorporate them in a scene and create an animation (See Samples) or an interactive tool like our color tool (Learn More) or a rotatable 360 tool.