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Just pay the usual costs for 3D elevation, floorplan, and site plan renderings and get your company-branded Interactive Design App for FREE with a minimum of 5 3D elevations. Less than 5 elevations? Then pay a $100 surcharge per elevation until the 5th elevation - at which time, the surcharges are refunded or credited. Get hundreds of downloadable color renderings for a lower price than what you usually pay for a single static rendering!

Real-Time Rendering

No more pre-rendered still renderings. Our proprietary real-time rendering engine enables homebuyers to instantly design their house in different color schemes.

Responsive Design

Our HTML5 web app enables Buyers to use it across desktops and mobile devices.

Integrates into Your Website

Your App can be fully-integrated into your website or appear as embedded “i-frames”, pop-ups, or new tabs.

Add Inventory Homes for Free!

You can also load all of your inventory, under construction, and model homes to your app for free. These homes display the actual floorplans, house lot, and photos.

Your Own Company-Branded App!

This is our flagship App where everything is interactive: Exterior Colors, Floorplans, Site Plans, Communities, and Interiors! Buyers get a Personalized Brochure of their custom designs and selections with unique renderings and pricing. Builders can customize their own company-branded Builder App with their company and community logos, photos, and colors. The App can be integrated into Builder websites, Sales Center Kiosks, and launched from email and social media advertising campaigns. The cloud database keeps everything in-sync!

Back End Dashboard

Your App includes a secure cloud-based backend Dashboard so Builders can instantly update their App content online – without any programming skills.

Auto Software Upgrades

Your web App automatically incorporates the latest feature upgrades without downloading updates or additional costs.

Save, Compare, Share!

Buyers can save, retrieve, compare and update their custom designs and inventory homes online. They can also share their designs on Facebook and Pinterest!

Required Registration

Builders can require shoppers to register before gaining the ability to email, download, or share their personalized designs and brochure. This is a great way to obtain valuable sales leads.

In-Depth Analytics

Discover your most popular neighborhoods, plans, color schemes, options, house lots, square footages, and much more! Customer data is collected in both anonymous aggregate and personalized detail – for those who save their Favorites.


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The App's Home Page naturally starts with Step 1. The listed steps across the top shows a breadcrumb of the step you are on, the total number of steps,and the ones you've already visited. Once a a stage has been opened, then you can just click on a previous step to return to that stage. On the home page, Builders can add their company colors and colors. They can also change the text and images on the opening button Tiles. The Tiles enable Buyers to quickly view move-in ready homes, find and design communities and homes, or the go directly to the House Plan Gallery.
Select the Cities that you're interested in living in from photo Tiles or Markers on an interactive Map. When a Tile is selected, the image will change from gray to color and the Marker will turn from red to green. Location-centric? Then, you can also select the cities by clicking on the map markers for the reverse effect. The Tiles are typically photos of city landmarks - but Builders can use whatever representative image they want! As these are live Google Maps, you can change map modes, zoom, pan, and even see streetviews as usual.
Choose your ideal Community from Community photo Tiles or from teardrop Community markers on the interactive Google Map. The Tiles typically show lifestyle or neighborhood images, and display the Community name and city. When a Tile or Marker is selected, the Community’s square footage, bedrooms, baths, and price ranges will appear based on current data. The Tiles also display the number of Home Plans and available Move-in Ready Homes.
The Community page begins with an attractive autoplay photo slideshow. A short caption briefly describes the neighborhood. Click on “Learn More” to get an in-depth description, the sales agent’s contact information, and to access the Points of Interest Map. Click on "View Siteplan" to view a site map of the Community with real-time Lot statuses. The number of available Home Plans for this neighborhood is also displayed.
The Community Detail page provides more in-depth descriptions of the neighborhood, the number of available home plans, and sales agent contact information. Buyers also have quick access to photos, directions, and a points of interests map.
Our unique Points of Interest Map creates a green radar field in 2, 5 ,10, 15, and 20 mile radii from your Community. When you select or search your Points of Interest, they will appear in the search radar of the interactive online map. The Points of Interest data are accessed via a real-time google maps interface.
Click "View Siteplan" on the Community Page to get a quick overview of the neighborhood site map and real-time Lot Statuses. This is a very convenient tool to help you learn about the Development's amenities, features, and stage of development. You can even click on inventory lots to view a pop-up brochure of the actual home on that lot.
In addition to the usual Filter Criterion, Builders can add their own filterable special Feature Categories and Tags. The number of Plans that match each Feature is displayed next to the Feature and as Features are checked, the matching Plan Gallery is instantly updated accordingly. If you click on the "i" (information) button on a Plan Tile, you will get a list of the Plan's Special Features. You can select and display multiple Plans' information simultaneously for easy comparison.
This Plan page displays all available Alternate Elevations, all Communities that it is built-in, along with any Move-in Ready inventory homes of this Plan. Interactively design your floorplans with different Options across all Floors. Pricing and monthly payments, and any additional square footage instantly update as you select Options! The App intelligently prevents mutually-exclusive Options (Options that occupy the same space) from simultaneously appearing. Those Options will toggle between the available Options. It also features "Options on Options" where dependent Options only appear as specific Options are selected.

Click "Enlarge" to see a full-page image of your custom Floorplan. You can also view any photos, videos, or virtual tours of your Plan for reference. Your custom floorplan appears in your Personalized Brochure along with your itemized selections and price.
Our proprietary realtime rendering engine enables you to interactively design and visualize your home’s exterior colors. Select from professionally-designed whole house Color Schemes or completely custom design your home from a Color Palettefor each material. Or take a Hybrid approach where you choose from professionally-designed whole-house color schemes and then change the colors for a few specific materials to perfect your design!
Interactively design and price different upgrades of a room. The custom interior renderings are amazingly realistic. You can typically design the four Fs: Finishes (paints and stains), Flooring, Fixtures (knobs, lights, faucets, etc) and Furnishings (furniture and appliances). Select another room to continue designing your home. Your custom- designed rooms will appear in your Personalized Brochure with your selections itemized.
After you have custom designed your home, you can choose your house Lot by clicking on the desired Lot on the interactive site plan or choose the Lot from the drop-down list. The site plan is zoomable and has a legend that defines lot statuses. Lots can be sorted by availability, lot size, lot number, and lot price. Your selected Lot will appear as a close-up inset image and be displayed on your Personalized Brochure. Any lot premiums are automatically added to your Sales price.
No more standard brochures with the same generic renderings. Each PDF Personalized Brochure is uniquely generated per your selections. The Company-branded brochures contain valuable contact informations and are are auto-formatted for download, print, or emailing. Floorplans are auto-fitted for maximize display size. Your custom selections are priced and itemized for easy reference.

Not only do you get a Personalized Brochure, but you can also save up to three inventory or custom-designed homes to your FAVORITES for easy comparison. Just login to your account to retrieve, compare, and even edit your saved Favorites.

You can share your custom homes with your Facebook friends or followers on Pinterest. After viewing your post, viewers can click on the link to come-up with their own designs or suggestions. This is a great way to launch free viral marketing campaigns to similar demographic target audiences.

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