Interactive Floorplans


2D, 3D, B&W, Color, or Furnished Floorplans

The interactive floorplans can be created in 2D or 3D, in B&W or Color, and even Unfurnished or Furnished.

Zooming & Panning

Buyers can zoom and pan via scrolling and moving the floorplan from their mouse or using the zoom slider.

Responsive Design

Unlike most Interactive Floorplans, our non-Flash, HTML5 app works on both Desktop and Mobile Devices. Don't miss-out on the rapidly growing smart phone homebuyers.

Mirrored Floorplans

With a quick-touch, buyers can flip the floorplans. When the floorplan flips, the elevation rendering automatically flips accordingly - and vice-versa!

Auto-linking with Elevations

As you switch between floorplans, the elevations automatically switches accordingly - and vice versa.

Want to eliminate the painful experience of hard to see and configure static floorplan options? Then upgrade to Interactive Floorplans where buyers can instantly design and visualize their options. Show buyers all that your homes have to offer while letting them visually communicate their custom home plans with others. Watch our demo video below then try it yourself!

Mutually Exclusive Options

The app recognizes Floorplan Options that can not coexist and automatically toggles between these mutually exclusive Options.

Options on Options

Our App has Options-on-Options capabilities where certain Floorplan Options are only revealed when specific Options are selected.

Real-time Pricing, Mortgage, and Square Footage Calculator

As you select Options, the Sales Price, Monthly Payment (via Mortgage Calculator, and Square Footage automatically and instantly update.

Personalized Brochures

The app automatically creates a personalized pdf brochure of your custom floorplan - complete with unique renderings and an itemization of your selections!


Builders can deep-link to a specific Plan from their website. This provides a seamless transition from static elevation thumbnail image presentations to engaging custom designs.

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