Virtual Tour Introduction

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Making Your Houses, Their Home

Over the last decade, New Home Marketing has transitioned from

  • black & white to color renderings, 
  • 2D to 3D, 
  • printed brochures to digital websites.

But today's tech-savvy consumers are expecting much more.  They expect to DESIGN their new homes online - just like they do with their new cars and what they see on HGTV.  Traditional generic brochures just won't cut it.

Personalized Marketing is the next evolution of New Home Marketing. This change is turning traditional New Home Marketing upside down. Instead of Builders presenting the SAME generic renderings of their houses to EVERY Buyer, EACH Buyer will show Builders EXACTLY the home that she wants!

No more endless browsing of neutral-colored houses. Buyers can now design, visualize, and price their new home. Then, they simply email the Builder their custom brochure showing their dream home complete with unique renderings and itemized selections.

Our Design Apps are easily integrated with Builder websites, sales centers, and email/social media campaigns. Our in-house creation of both the renderings AND software ensures fast and affordable App creation.

Better yet, your company-branded App is FREE with the purchase of 10+ 3D elevation renderings (about $300/3D elevation). That's hundreds of downloadable 3D color renderings for each Elevation! Plus, you get a 10% new customer discount on your first order.

So check-out our app and see how they can help you better market your homes - while saving you time and money!


Our flagship HOME BUILDER APP offers the complete package! It incorporates all of the features of our stand-alone interactive tools - enabling buyers to find and design their homes online.

Your company-branded app lets homebuyers turn YOUR HOUSES into THEIR HOMES ! They can change colors, floor plan options, and house lots. They can even view inventory homes. Buyers' selections are then attractively summarized in an unique personalized brochure which they can download, email, share on Facebook and Pinterest, or save to their Favorites for comparison.

This app does it all! There's nothing else like it!

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Why just get one house rendering when you can create and download unlimited color renderings for the same price? Don't be stuck with just a single brown house! Differentiate your homes from your competitors with our engaging marketing tool.

Homebuyers can now instantly color design their homes on their desktop or mobile devices. They can select from professionally-designed color schemes, or from a palette of colors for each type of building material. Unlike other color design tools, our proprietary real-time rendering engine creates hundreds of custom renderings on-the-fly instead of using costly pre-rendered still images!

What a new and colorful way to shop for your new home!

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Buyers can now instantly customize the most popular rooms - from the comfort and convenience of their own homes! They can basically design the 4 "Fs": Flooring, Finishes, Fixtures, and even Furnishings!

This is also a great tool to complement your actual Design Studio. With guidance from your Design Consultants, Buyers can visualize how all of the elements of each virtual room come together on touchscreens. No more miscommunication and confusion. With a touch of a button, they can print or email their custom design. Buyers can then review actual material samples and place the orders!

What a fun way and easy way to shop and design your new home online with your family or in the Design Studio!

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No more hard to visualize, disconnected floorplans options. Now, homebuyers can interactively select different floorplan options for each floor of each plan. They can zoom, pan, and even flip the floorplans as needed.

Simply click the "Exteriors" button to view the elevations. When they're done, a click of the "Brochure" button creates a personalized downloadable PDF brochure of their design with their selections itemized.

This is an easy and engaging way for buyers to discover house plan features and customize the Builder's house into their home!

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Replace dated framed Plan printouts and bulky Site Plan consoles with sleek modern touchscreen kiosks! Designed for interactive presentations on large touchscreen TVs inside your neighborhood Sales Centers, our kiosks pull real-time data and graphics from the same cloud database that feeds your interactive elevations, floorplans, and site plans apps.

Not only can you provide current pricing, lot statuses, and available inventory homes, but you and your Sales Center will look great doing it!

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Our talented software team also creates custom websites that seamlessly integrate our HOME BUILDER APP into your Website.

Our websites are created in HTML5 and feature Responsive Design and the latest design trends. Unlike many website developers, we only create websites for New Home Builders as we keenly understand their needs, products, customers, and industry.

Take a look at a couple of our examples and we think that you'll find that they're among the most modern builder websites in the new home industry.

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Our Apps Feature:

Responsive Design

Written in HTML5, our apps work on both Desktop and Mobile devices and across all modern browsers. This assures anywhere, anytime, and any device access.

Cloud Database

Our apps are all linked to a common cloud database that is controlled by our proprietary backend Dashboard. This enables instantaneous updates and data syncing across all apps. Our Dashboard enables non-programmers to easily update text, graphics, photos, pricing, options, etc with simple drag-and-drop, point-and-click, and drop-down list functions.

Automatic Software Updates

As software applications, any software feature upgrades are automatically rolled-out without any app downloads or installations. It's totally seamless.

No Maintenance, Hosting, or Software Update Subscriptions

Unlike most software applications, there are no monthly maintenance, data hosting, or software update costs.

Slide Presentation of our Interactive Products

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rendering House create all of the graphical content and software?

Yes! All of our renderings and software are created by our talented team of graphic artists, computer modelers, and software developers. This in-house production ensures, high quality and volume, quick turnarounds, full-service, and rapid innovation - and the security of your designs.

How can these apps be used with our current marketing?

Your company-branded apps feature responsive design, so they work across all desktops and mobile devices. The apps can be embedded into your websites, displayed in Sales Center kiosks, launched from email campaigns, and linked to social media campaigns.

Is there a subscription fee or long-term commitment?

No. Currently, there is no monthly subscription, maintenance, hosting, or seat license fees. There is no long-term commitment and you can cancel at anytime without a termination fee.

How do we update the data? Is there a backend Dashboard?

Yes. Included with your app is your own secure online cloud-based Dashboard (Content Management System) where you can update text, photos, pricing, colors, options, lot statuses, contact info, maps, inventory homes, etc. in real-time. No programming skills are needed.

Are there additional costs or effort with new software upgrades?

No. As these are web apps, the next user to access your app will automatically see the latest software version. This enables continuous software upgrades with no added cost or effort.