Virtual Tours: Animations & 360s Overview

Neighborhood Virtual Tours

Get a jump on your competition and pre-sale your neighborhood with amazingly photoreal drive-by animations! Hit pay dirt while they're shoveling it.

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Interior Walk-Thrus

Let your buyers virtually tour your perfectly decorated homes - before they're even built!

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Presentation of 360s and Animations

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use animations?

Renderings give you a great picture, but animations tell a great story. They dramatically show the scope of your project through virtual walk-thrus or fly-overs. Animations can especially help pre-sale your properties and preclude building expensive spec homes.

How long does it take?

Animations require more time than a rendering for the following reasons:

  1. The scope of the scene increases dramatically.
  2. The inclusion of moving and interacting entourage elements like cars and people.
  3. The computing time required to render the animation.

Here is a typical timeline:

  1. Study project, create storyboard, plot scenes, etc
  2. Build computer models and massing.
  3. Set up cameras.
  4. Render out animatics for review and approval.
  5. Add details to models and scenes.
  6. Render out animatics for review and approval.
  7. Set to render, which may take several days.
  8. Enhance output in post-production
  9. Video editing, including music, text, etc.

How much does a typical animation cost?

There are several major factors that go in to an animation:

  1. Scene: Interior and/or Exterior
  2. Size and complexity of the scenes
  3. Length of animation (i.e. 30 seconds vs 3 minutes)

In general, interiors require more work than exterior.  The more complex and longer the animation, the greater the cost.

What are 360s?

We can create exterior or interior 360s where you can control the rotate of the scene and see all side of the project. In addition, this can be set to play as animation.