Sales Center Kiosks


Great Presentation Tool

The large touchscreen format is perfect for presenting your neighborhood and plans to a large audience of real estate agents or home buyers. Buyers can then continue personally designing their custom homes on their laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Points of Interest

Interactive Vicinity Maps and Neighborhood Site Plans let Buyers quickly discover all of the places, activities and amenities that your community offers. They can locate their points of interest and then visualize them in a photo gallery. This feature is used to showcase both the town and neighborhood amenities.

Touchscreen Shopping

Buyers can quickly find their dream home from the touchscreen kiosk. They can view house exteriors, interiors and floorplans.

House Virtual Tours

Interior virtual tours help Buyers quickly tour their choices without needing to walk every house. Take a tour of an entire house with just a few swipes!

Modernize your Sales Center with an elegant 42" Touchscreen TV where Buyers and Agents can interactively learn about your company, neighborhood, and products. Buyers can then register via the touchscreen for future follow-up. The on-site kiosks are a complementary sales channel used in conjunction with our other apps. This app provides a digital tool for face-to-face interactions and product presentations while the other apps provide find and design online shopping experience. The different sales and marketing channels can lead to each other, and provide a consistent and comprehensive homebuying experience. Watch our demo video below then try it yourself!

Showcase the Lifestyle

The large screen photo slideshow dramatically showcases your neighborhood amenities and activities.

Up-to-Date Data

The data and graphics automatically draws from the cloud database maintained by your backend Dashboard (which instantly updates pricing, options, lot statuses, inventory homes, etc.). These live data updates ensure that all of your apps are current and in-sync.

Digital = Affordable

Versus printing, storing and posting constantly changing Plan renderings and brochures, digital kiosks displays unlimited interactive current data and graphics. Buyers don't have to collect tons of brochures. They can also access their personal brochure online Typical price is about $2500 plus the cost of a touchscreen TV and computer. Rendering costs are separate.

Touchscreen Registration

The touchscreen registration is a breeze. Important customer information is captured and stored in a cloud database for easy access and analysis.