Photoreal or Watercolor - We're Just Your Style!

Day (Photoreal)
Dusk (Photoreal)

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Unlike most companies that only offer one style, Rendering House offers both photoreal and watercolor styles with equal consistency, high volume quality, and quick turnaround.   Although many clients gravitate toward the former, we understand that some still want to have marketing assets that differentiate from the masses and in form that allows the end clients (i.e. homebuyers, architectural review boards, etc.) to imagine and dream.

In addition to rendering styles, we know there are different marketing styles between East Coast vs West Coast.  That is why we have also improved our processes for dusk renderings with the same consistency and quality.   

Over the years, we have worked with so many clients and projects, which allowed us to continuously improve our process to distill work into the two popular styles to meet our clients' demands.  One of the most important, yet little known, feature of our rendering is flexibility.  From our years working with architects on large commercial projects, we know there are last minute design changes.   Our team adapted and our process evolved so that we can be very responsive, and at the same time, minimize revisions fees.  Of course, all this is only possible because we have a large team that do all of our work in-house.  Other rendering companies are unable to handle high volume or offer quick turnaround, or they typically farm out work to individuals across the world resulting in poor response rate, inconsistent quality, and miscommunications.