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The Perfect Combination!

By combining your website with your app, you'll save significant set-up and maintenance costs, make faster updates, minimize costly website overhauls and technology upgrades, and replace dozens of boring generic web pages with dynamic interactive ones.

Your streamlined App Website hosts static content like branding images, corporate information, etc on a few pages while your embedded Builder App along with APIs to popular Apps like Facebook, Google Maps, Houzz, Pinterest, Linked-in, etc. hosts the dynamic content at little or no cost.

Why wait and pay expensive website developers to update new content when you can instantly update the content yourself? Even better, the Buyers can interactively create unique data and graphics themselves! They get a very personalized engaging shopping experience and your website stays fresh with easy-to-update and constantly changing content. Also, App software upgrades are automatically updated for free!

App vs Traditional Websites?

Although App Websites look just like Traditional Websites, App Sites offer interactive personalized content whereas Traditional Websites only show static generic content. On App Sites, relevant content is instantly brought to the Shopper. On Traditional Static Websites, Shoppers can only browse, but not customize, the Content. Facebook, NetFlix, Pinterest, and Houzz are examples of App Websites. It's all about user control and personalization.

Basically, App Sites are the inverse of Traditional Builder websites. Instead of Shoppers navigating dozens of static web pages only to see the same generic renderings every time, on an App Website, each Shopper sees completely unique data and graphics. This enables them to easily find and design their own New Home.nnMost websites serve as digital storefronts to learn about a company and its products. This is fine for common consumer products with limited customization. However, these "browsing" websites are not effective at marketing highly-complex and expensive products with hundreds of configurations, options, and pricing - like New Homes. This lack of choice and control leads to confusion, frustration, and poor user engagement. New Home Buyers want to custom design their home. Incorporating interactive design apps into Builder websites enables New Home Buyers to do just that!

So does this mean that Builders have to choose between App and Traditional Websites? Absolutely not! They can be blended together to create a much better new home Buyer experience while providing Builders unprecedented online design, marketing, and sales tools.


Though common in most industries, in the New Homes Industry, we're the only ones who create Web App Websites. This is because we also create the interactive Design Apps that are seamlessly integrated into these modern Web App Website designs.

We began offering custom programmed and designed App Websites after many of our App clients were frustrated with the limited functionalities of traditional browser-based Website formats which offered no personalization or customization capabilities. Traditional Static Websites are very costly and time-consuming to setup and maintain - yet they only offer archaic static web pages filled with boring generic content. App Websites alleviate these pains while improving the Buying experience and capturing better analytics!

Here are two examples of our App-embedded Websites:


Following the popularity of our Custom-designed App Websites, we sought to create lower cost, faster development, and easier to maintain App Websites. The solution was to integrate our apps into common WordPress templates.

Here are Non-App Website examples using WordPress Templates.

We're Very Responsive!

Our App Websites are created in-house by our website developers either from scratch or from our modification of WordPress templates. The websites are created in HTML5 and feature Responsive Design combined with our Real-time Rendering technology. This innovative combination enables Buyers to view uniquely personalized web pages that are dynamically created in real-time across all devices. No two-buyers get the same experience!

A Seamless Experience

Combining your Builder App with your Website provides a fully-responsive seamless user experience. No more pop-ups, new tabs or windows, or different url addresses. Everything is driven by the same overarching menu. The look and feel is clean and smooth.

Take A Fresh Look!

We're not all about the features and functions. At our root, we're a graphics company. We incorporate the latest design trends so your site looks as good as it feels. It's a good balance of form and function.

On Common Ground

The website and web apps share a common Dashboard (Content Management System) where content can be instantly updated in the Cloud across the internet. Everything is in-sync and up-to-date. Google Analytics tracks traffic across your website and Builder App for both in-depth and big picture insights.

Accordingly, our Custom-Built App Websites use our in-house CMS whereas our WordPress App Websites use WordPress' CMS.

Rough Estimate?

Websites similar to our examples here cost $5,000-$15,000 and take 3-8 weeks to build. The bigger savings are over the long-run with less maintenance and quicker upgrades as App Websites have much less pages than Traditional Websites yet offer more dynamic unique content. Unlike solely website developers, our main sales come from content creation.

Specifically, Custom-Built Websites typically cost $10,000-$15,000 whereas WordPress App Websites cost $5,000-$10,000.

We're Great Hosts!

We provide website hosting and routine maintenance for about $100/month. Having everything in one place with one vendor lowers costs and maintenance while alleviating software upgrade headaches.

Because your App is in the Cloud, all of your internet-connected digital marketing channels (Website, Sales Center Kiosks, Email Campaigns, Social Networks) are always in-sync!

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