Interactive App Websites vs Static Traditional Websites

Although App Websites look just like Traditional Websites, App Sites offer interactive personalized content whereas Traditional Websites only show static generic content. On App Sites, relevant content is instantly brought to the Shopper. On Traditional Static Websites, Shoppers can only browse, but not customize, the Content. Facebook, Netflix, Pinterest, and Houzz are examples of App Websites. It's all about user control and personalization.

Basically, App Sites are the inverse of Traditional Builder websites. Instead of Shoppers navigating dozens of static web pages only to see the same generic renderings every time, on an App Website, each Shopper sees completely unique data and graphics. This enables them to easily find and design their own New Home.

Most websites serve as digital storefronts to learn about a company and its products. This is fine for common consumer products with limited customization. However, these "browsing" websites are not effective at marketing highly-complex and expensive products with hundreds of configurations, options, and pricing - like New Homes. This lack of choice and control leads to confusion, frustration, and poor user engagement. New Home Buyers want to custom design their home. Incorporating interactive design apps into Builder websites enables New Home Buyers to do just that!

So does this mean that Builders have to choose between App vs Traditional Websites? Absolutely not! They can be blended together to create a much better new home Buyer experience while providing Builders unprecedented online design, marketing, and sales tools.


Builders should integrate their web apps into their websites to capitalize on each tool's distinct advantages.

Use the website to provide the Builder's online storefront. Websites are ideal for SEO initiatives, company branding, and hosting generic, seldom-changing corporate and referential information. This simplified functionality and interface saves on costly, time-consuming, and disruptive website development, setup, and maintenance.

Design your website to direct Buyers to your embedded web apps. The apps are ideal for presenting your ever-changing products and statuses, and providing interactive tools to help Buyers customize their homes.

Builder web app websites are leaner, mobile-friendly, and is connected to various other apps with specialized functions and dynamic fresh content (i.e. Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz). Accordingly, Builders can embed their Apps into their websites to give Buyers interactive and constantly-changing product content (elevations, floorplans, and site plans).

Our Builder App replaces the hundreds of hard to create and maintain web pages filled with static product images with interactive dynamically-created graphics. This essentially turns a Builder's "House" into the Buyer's "Home".


Below are specific Web App Advantages. Infusing the latest app technology into traditional websites creates a much richer and rewarding experience for BOTH Buyers and Sellers!



This makes apps easier to maintain than complex traditional websites with hundreds of pages to update. Their single address urls enable the apps to be easily distributed on email and social media campaigns.

Automatic Upgrades

Unlike native apps, web apps don't require users to download or upgrade from an App Store. Upgrades are immediate and automatic - and FREE!

Content Management System with a Cloud Database

Our apps are updated via our proprietary backend Dashboard or Content Management System (CMS). All of the data resides in a secure Cloud Database which enables Builders to update content via the internet. Similarly, Buyers can interactively find and design their homes online from any device and then save, retrieve, edit, and share their designs from their own secure cloud account. Additionally, different front-end apps can to tap into the same Cloud database to access current synced data.

Responsive Design UI

Apps offer a dynamic and interactive user interface. They can also interface with other apps via APIs, and can save and retrieve anonymous and personalized data to a cloud database for analysis and personalized marketing campaigns.

Fast Rendering: Real-time Rendering Engine + Server-side Rendering + Content Delivery Network

Our proprietary real-time rendering engine technology enables Buyers to design, visualize, and price their custom homes on-the-fly. While our server-side rendering process in conjunction with our Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides a superior real-time rendering experience on mobile devices.

Application Program Interfaces (APIs)

Our APIs tap into the specialized content and features of other web application software. For example, our Points of Interests "radar" maps interface with Google Maps to retrieve current mapping information.


Easy Integration with Websites and Marketing Campaigns

Apps can be easily integrated into existing websites as overlays, pop-ups, embedded, or new tabs. As one-page urls, they can be easily incorporated into email, social media, or SEO advertising campaigns.

Personalized Content

With instantly created dynamic content, every home buying experience is unique and exciting! The app design process culminates in an unique Personalized Brochure.

Viral Marketing Opportunities

When Buyers share their custom designs on Facebook or Pin them on Pinterest, it can launch a free viral marketing campaigns to other potential Buyers with similar demographics. By clicking on the Post or Pin, referred Buyers are then linked back to your App to find and design their own home!n

Responsive Design UI

As a responsive design app with a backend cloud database, logged-in users can switch from smartphones to tablets to desktops to provide an ubiquitous anytime, anywhere, anyhow shopping experience.

Process Tool

Apps provide a great tool to walk Buyers through complex processes while presenting personalized and relevant information to the shoppers. This creates a highly engaging experience and increases the likelihood of the Buyer registering online or taking the next step in the purchasing process.


Our Builder App enables Builders to "deep-link" from their website into a specific Community or House Plan in the App. This allows an integrated, seamless transition from established websites into a specific stage in the App - effectively "leapfrogging" unnecessary or redundant steps.


Up-to-Date In-Sync Data

Builders and agents can easily update and view real-time pricing, lot statuses, options, etc. across our Cloud database.

Analytics of Shopping Behavior

App Shopping data is captured as anonymous aggregate (can identify trends and popularity) as well as personalized detail (Buyer name and contact information, specific product selections - for those who have registered) . This "in-app" data is married with Google Analytics which profiles the Buyer's demographics and "beyond-the-app" internet behaviors to provide great insight into potential home buyers.

Unprecedented Granular Level of Home Shopping Analytics

With real-time rendering and a cloud database, we can capture an unprecedented granular level of product detail (most popular communities, plans, colors, options, lots, etc.) as each Buyer makes his unique selections.n

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Finally, Builders will gain great insight into the preferences and profiles of the buyers - and thus, they can create and launch highly targeted, personalized, and effective marketing campaigns.

Cloud Storage

All Buyer shopping behavior is stored in a cloud database for easy access and analytics of trends and patterns over time.

Sales Funneling

Unlike Websites with hundreds of links, Apps are great for funneling a Buyer through a process. As they are walk-through shopping steps, unique personalized content is brought to them.


Thousands of Renderings for the Price of One!

Our Real-time Rendering Engine enables builders to effectively create and present hundreds of color renderings of each house without additional cost or time.

One-Page Web App

As a one-page web app, although every Buyer takes the same few steps, each web "page" is dynamically, instantly, and uniquely created based upon each user's unique designs. This interactive dynamic content eliminates the need for the creation and maintenance of hundreds of complex static web pages. The cost of the App software is shared across hundreds of Builder clients and house plans so it's not borne by one sole Builder.

Free, Seamless, and Immediate Software Upgrades

As an app, software upgrades are immediate, seamless - and free. No more major costly and disruptive overhauls for new features and technologies. Builders benefit from new software features originating from the collaborative input and suggestions of fellow app users.nn

No Monthly Maintenance and Hosting Fees, Seat Licenses, or Subscriptions!

Unlike websites, web app set-up is routine and fast. There are no monthly maintenance and hosting fees, seat-licenses, or subscriptions.

Free DIY App Updates - No Programming Skills Needed

Our backend Dashboard (Content Management System) comes included and is specially-tailored for New Home Design, Marketing and Sales Departments. The simple interface enables non-programmers to easily update content.