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Get UNLIMITED DIY downloadable 3D color renderings for the SAME price as ONE traditional still rendering (about $300 for a 3000 sf house). Buy your usual renderings (elevations, floorplans, site plans, interiors) and we make them interactive for FREE! Who else does that?

DESIGN NEW HOMES ONLINE - like everyone does with their new cars. Our proprietary Real-Time Rendering Engine instantly renders thousands of color schemes of a house! No more boring beige homes!

PERSONALIZED BROCHURES via Interactive Design Apps have turned New Home Marketing upside-down! Instead of trying to persuade Buyers with generic printed brochures, Buyers design their dream homes online and email you their personalized brochure. Once you switch to interactive, you'll never go back to the old static stuff!

Join our rapidly growing list of 200+ App clients. It's an industry game-changer! Contact us for an online screensharing demo.



Augmented Reality (AR) Houses!

Use your iPhone or iPad to view Virtual Homes and Communities superimposed over the real world! Check-out the photos and videos.

Place your virtual home in your living room or Sales Center and give it a "spin". You can even place your full-scale house on an empty lot to see your future home! Then, look-out your virtual porch into your real yard! Take photos and videos of your unbuilt home - just like an existing home - and then share them online.

With our drone camera-tracking AR, Buyers can watch your Community virtually come to life! Pre-sale all of your homes before your competitors even turn dirt. It's all totally unreal!

Try it yourself by downloading our AR Demo app to your iPhone or iPad!

Photos of an Augmented Reality House in a Neighborhood

Augmented Reality Floating Site Plan with Virtual Compass

Place a Full-scale Augmented Reality House on a Vacant Lot

360 Tour of AR House with a Walk-out Basement

Place an Augmented Reality House on the Floor

Color Design Multiple AR Homes

Drone-Tracking Augmented Reality Community

Exterior Animations

Our Homes Virtually Sell Themselves!

Bring your undeveloped community to life with dramatic photoreal exterior animations. What a great way to tell your story and build excitement!

Exterior 360 Animations

Take Our Homes for A Spin!

Want to showcase your house or property in an engaging way? Exterior 360s highlight your home's architectural features from all angles and gives Buyers a full appreciation of your entire property. The 360s can be done in broad daylight or more dramatic evening scenes.


Interior Animations

Sell from the Inside out!

Use Interior Animations to dramatically present your perfectly staged unbuilt homes! Animations enable Builders to create well-choreographed virtual home tours - highlighting key features and designs. Animations are much faster and less expensive to create than building and maintaining spec or model homes. Plus, Buyers can tour your homes 24/7 from anywhere!

360 Virtual Tours

An Virtual Headturner!

Looking for cutting-edge visualization? Then check-out our 360 Virtual Reality Tours where Buyers are immersed in amazingly photorealistic virtual homes using VR Viewers. No VR Viewer? No problem. You can still rotate the room or navigate to different rooms by using your mouse or finger. Switch to gyroscope mode and watch the unfinished room come to life as you view it through your tablet or smartphone! This is a great way to physically walk through an unfinished or unfurnished space, and yet see it virtually finished and staged. This is the Matterport for unbuilt homes.


Giving Props to Your Rooms!

Why spend the money and the time to physically stage a room when we can virtually stage it from a photo? You easily can show how the space can be furnished, decorated, and utilized in different ways. What a great way to bring an empty room to life! Plus, it's open 24/7 from anywhere - and you never have to clean it!


Highlight Your Cutting-Edge Features!

Hey, cut it out! A great way to show-off your home's features and construction is to create a Cutaway of it. Show everyone what you're made of!

Make the Cutaways more engaging by making them interactive (click on cutaway image to try). Hotspots enable Buyers to learn about your home's features. The pop-up features can display text, images/photos, videos, and web links.

A static House Cutaway rendering typically costs about $750 depending on the number and kind of features. If we've previously modeled the house, then deduct about $250. If you want it interactive, there’s a $75 setup cost plus $20 per hotspot. Click on above image to try interactive cutaway!


As "a picture is worth a thousand words," browse our portfolio to read our amazing story.

At Your Service

Since 2001, builders, architects, developers, real estate agencies, and marketing firms across North America have trusted Rendering House with thousands of projects. Customer service is our top priority. In addition to free quotes, we're happy to provide advice and help you through your project. For the security of your designs, everything is done in-house.

Dependable - High Volume - Quick Turnaround

We do everything related to new home visualization. Do you have a large project with a short deadline? We can help! Our large in-house team of graphic artists, computer modelers, and software developers specializes in large volume, quick turnarounds - particularly with large regional and national home builders. We offer sweet volume discounts too! 

'Applify' Your Renderings

Need to pump-up your renderings? With our interactive Designer apps, you can "applify" your renderings and bring them to life. There's nothing like designing your own dream home - from changing exterior colors to choosing floor plan options to choosing your house lot to even selecting kitchen upgrades. Better yet, the app is free with your Elevation rendering purchase!

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