Backend Dashboard

aka Content Management System

Setting up your app is quick and easy. Just drag and drop in your logo and add your company contact information, website address, colors, and the metro area / cities of your communities. You can designate a Dashboard Administrator who will receive all future login request via email.  A simple click to approve grants new users access.

  • Create color palettes for each material from paint libraries of major vendors including Sherwin Williams, Behr, Certainteed, and James Hardee.
  • Visualize your designs in real-time. With a click, you can publish your rendering on your app or download it for emailing or printing.

  • Instantly update each community with captions, descriptions, contacts, logos, and maps.
  • Communities can be inactivated (will not be displayed on the front end) but still have useful data on the backend Dashboard. This is useful for retired communities or content preparation before rolling-out new communities.
  • Drag and drop in representative community thumbnail image, and neighborhood photos for slideshow.
  • Create, name, and even add pricing for color schemes for each neighborhood.
  • Adjust your settings: make neighborhood active or inactive, turn pricing on or off, designate house lot unit of measurement, set defaults for sort by fields and order.

  • Easily edit plan names and add elevation square footages, captions, and sales price.
  • Quickly update each elevation’s bedroom and bathroom counts from a drop-down list.
  •  If you bundle your elevations (group all of the alternate elevations together and represent them with one elevation), then simply choose the representative (default) elevation from a drop-down list.
  • A color preview tool enables you to quickly design, visualize, assign, publish, and download renderings of your color scheme designs.
  • Drag and Drop in Exterior Photos of each Plan.
  • Easily add Virtual Tours, 360s, and Videos by simply copying and pasting their web link urls.
  • Add Special Feature Tags to highlight the special features of your homes (i.e. Downstair Masters, 3 Car Garage, Stone Facade, etc). These features are filterable on the App for quick finds of desired features.

  • Identify which floor plans go with which elevation of each Plan.
  • Name and assign floor plan options to each base floor plan.
  • Add any additional pricing and square footage for floorplan options. Link options that are mutually-exclusive (cannot both be chosen as they occupy same space) so they appear as toggles.
  • Drag and Drop in interior photos of each plan.

  • Double-click to add and delete lot circles on the site plan. Drag and drop lot circles to correct locations. After adding lots, you can add lot-specific information including lot status, address, size, and premiums.
  • You can customize lot labels, hide lot numbers, and even change the shape of lot circles into ellipses.
  • Customize Legend Colors from a color wheel for lot statuses: Sold, Model, Available, Inventory, Under Construction, and Reserved.
  • Easily exclude specific elevations from any lot. By default, all elevations for a community are available on every lot.
  • For Inventory Lots, you can add the typical MLS information. Moreover, your inventory home will also display an inset image of the house lot and the floor plans. Simply drag and drop in any photos.

  • Online Builder App traffic is collected as both Anonymous Aggregate data and Buyer-specific selections (or those who have logged-in and saved their Favorite Homes).
  • Anonymous Aggregate data is combined with Google’s demographic data to derive Buyer profiles and provide shopping insight (i.e. most popular communities, plans, square footages, color schemes, pricing, house lots, floor plan options, number of bedrooms, etc.)
  • For app visitors that have logged-in and saved their Favorites, we capture email information and specific house selection details. In the near future, this information will enable lead-generation and will launch highly targeted and personalized email campaigns.

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