The Future Is Here: Buying New Homes Online

A couple of weeks ago our CEO, John Lee, and myself presented at the Home Builder Tech online summit. In it we addressed what we at Rendering House see as the future of new home buying including buying new homes online.

Our sessions included:

In these sessions we unpacked trends like using technology like AI to match home buyers with home builders, how big data will drive business decisions in the industry, and the fundamental building blocks of interactive content. All of these topics culminate into what we know to be the next shift in home buying:

an end-to-end shopping experience that allow buyers to buy online.

With that we introduced our sister company anewgo which plans to launch at the end of 2020. Anewgo is a New Home Shopping Portal to find, design, experience and buy new homes online across thousands of builders, communities, plans, options and homesites.

Like Rendering House’s My Home App, anewgo focuses on empowering the home buyer. This in turn produces more sales for builders.

For more information on anewgo or selling new homes online contact me at: