Augmented Reality (AR) Houses!

Place your virtual home in your living room and give it a “spin”.

You can even place your full-scale house on an empty lot to see your future home! Then, look-out your virtual porch into your real yard! Take photos and videos of your unbuilt home – just like an existing home – and then share them online.

With our drone camera-tracking AR,  Buyers can watch your Community virtually come to life! Pre-sale all of your homes before your competitors even turn dirt. It’s all totally unreal!

Try it yourself by downloading our “My Place” Demo app to your iPhone or iPad:!

Augmented Reality House Tours

Place a Full-scale Augmented Reality House on a Vacant Lot

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Color Design Multiple AR Homes

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Place an Augmented Reality House on the Floor

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360 Tour of AR House with a Walk-out Basement

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Augmented Reality Site Plans

Combining AR, VR, Drones/Satellites and Maps we can create very informative and engaging 3D Site Plans.  These can be incorporated into your websites, Sales Kiosks and iPhones/iPads.  No more boring flat printed site plans.  Use these revolutionary visualization tools to supplement our Interactive Site Plans , where you can select homesites,  in our Anewgo “My Home” App. 

Augmented Reality Floating Site Plan with Virtual Compass

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Drone-Tracking Augmented Reality Community

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