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Sell From the Inside Out

Buyers often buy new homes based upon the Kitchen and Master Bathrooms. So why not let them design and visualize the rooms of their dreams? After all, it's what's on the inside that counts!

Show the Fantastic 4 "F"s

From Finishes (paints, stains, backsplashes, countertops) to Flooring (carpet, hardwood, tile) to Fixtures (knobs, faucets, lights, etc) to even Furnishings (appliances, cabinets, furniture), Buyers can now instantly bring their dream house to virtual reality!

A La Carte or Packaged Designs

Choose between two different design approaches: A La Carte or Pre-Designed Packages. A La Carte enables to Buyers to totally customize their room from a palette of choices for each design element. Whereas Design Packages enable Buyers to choose from different professionally designed room styles.

Responsive Design

With our Responsive Design app, Buyers can interactively design their ideal room on their desktop or mobile device - while on-the-go, while touring an unfinished model or in the comfort of their homes.

Amazingly Photoreal!

Rendered with photorealistic textures and materials, and with ideal views and lighting, the rooms almost look too good. This is what it takes to draw Buyers in and keep them engaged.

With what Buyers see on HGTV and in other industries, they simply expect to be able to design, visualize, price, and save their own custom-designed rooms. Virtual design is rapidly becoming the new standard for new home shopping.

Try Our Apps by Clicking on Images below:

Show Same Room in Multiple Variations

Buyers can start by choosing from various configurations or versions of a room (i.e. Standard Kitchen vs Gourmet Kitchen).

Real-time Pricing!

Now Buyers can price their options and the total cost of their room upgrades as they interactively design their room. They can easily design their perfect room to meet both their tastes - and their budget! Better yet, now that they can see what they're getting, they may discover that going over their budget is well worth it. Finally, Buyers can sell themselves on beautiful upgrades!

Builder App Integration

The Interior Designer App can be a stand-alone app or it can be seamlessly integrated into our flagship Builder App which includes interactive elevations, floorplans, and site plans.

Personalized Brochures

After Buyers have finished designing their rooms, they can download a personalized brochure of their custom design - complete with an itemization of their selections!

It's Simply A Better Way

Now that Buyers can find and design their rooms anywhere, anytime, and anyhow, there's no more limitations of Model Home hours and availability or required on-site visits. Buyers don't have to see past generic model home showrooms, swatches of materials, and verbal descriptions. They now have the tools to perfectly design their rooms - and then tell the Builder exactly what they want. No more miscommunications!


Actual pricing may vary based upon actual room design.





Photoreal Computer Modeling of this Room Stage

$600-$1200 Based on Room Size and Complexity. Kitchens and Master Baths in higher price end.


Appliances, Furniture, Cabinets

~ $60 per Interactive Element


Knobs/Handles, Lighting, Faucets

~ $60 per Interactive Element


Carpet, Hardwood, Tile

~ $60 per Interactive Element


Paint, Stains, Backsplash, Countertops

~ $60 per Interactive Element. But Wall Colors are Free.

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