Sell From the Inside Out

Buyers often buy new homes based upon the Kitchen and Master Bathrooms. So why not let them design and visualize the rooms of their dreams? After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

Design by a la cart Materials, Design Packages or a Hybrid of the Two

Show the Same Room in Multiple Variations

Buyers can start by choosing from various configurations or versions of a room.

Show the Fantastic 4 "F"s

From Finishes (paints, stains, backsplashes, countertops) to Flooring (carpet, hardwood, tile) to Fixtures (knobs, faucets, lights, etc) to Furnishings (appliances, cabinets, furniture), Buyers can instantly bring their dream house into virtual reality!

Responsive Design

Our apps feature Responsive Design which enables Buyers to interactively design their rooms on their desktop or mobile device – even while touring an unfinished model or in the comfort of their homes.

Amazingly Photoreal!

Rendered with photoreal materials and ideal views and lighting, the rooms almost look too good. But this is what it takes to attract and engage today’s Buyers.

Buyers expect to design, visualize, price and save their own custom-designed rooms like they see on HGTV. This is becoming the new standard for new home shopping.

Real-time Pricing Calculator!

Buyers can price their options and see the total cost of their room upgrades as they interactively design a room. Finally, shoppers can design the perfect room to meet both their tastes and budget!

Best of all, Buyers can sell themselves on upgrades at their own convenience online – without the pressure of sales people!

Personalized Brochures

After Buyers have finished designing their rooms, they can download or email a personalized brochure of their custom design – complete with an itemization of their selections!

Builders get an emailed copy of the Buyer’s brochure!

"My Home" App Integration

The Interior Designer App can be a stand-alone app or it can be seamlessly integrated into our flagship “My Home” App which includes interactive elevations, floorplans, and site plans. 

Buyers get complete personalized brochures of their dream homes! They can even save up to three Favorite Custom-designed Homes!

General Pricing

Actual Pricing may vary based upon room design.

Room or Interactive Element

  • Room Model/Stage
  • Furnishings
  • Fixtures
  • Flooring
  • Finishes


  • Computer Modeling of the Room/Stage
  • Appliances, Furniture, Cabinets
  • Knobs/Handles, Lighting, Faucets
  • Carpet, Hardwood, Tile
  • Paint, Stains, Countertops

General Price

  • $600-$1200 based on Room Size and Complexity
  • $50 per Interactive Element
  • $50 per Interactive Element
  • $50 per Interactive Element
  • $50 per Interactive Element. Wall Colors are Free.

ADDITIONAL ROOMS? If you have similar versions of a room with the same finishes options, we may be able to offer a volume discount if we can utilize the computer model of the “base” room.  We can discuss after we review your plans.

Looking for the Total Package?

Then, check-out our “My Home” App which offers Interactive Colors, Floorplans, Site Plans and Interiors.  It’s our most popular App!

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How about a
Touchscreen Sales Kiosk
to go with your App?

Sales Kiosks are becoming a critical part of a Multi-channel Digital Sales and Marketing Strategy that encompasses Email/Social Media Campaigns, Search Portals, and Websites. If shoppers register on any of these channels, the data is stored in our Anewgo Cloud. Then, Builders can not only track Shoppers as the migrate through these channels, but they can view the Buyers’ Favorite personally-designed homes for meaningful Sales leads and follow-up.

Let's create something amazing together